SALT’s DIY Cocktail Menu


The Cocktail Element menu lets you design your own drink

“Anything sangría,” the well-dressed man behind the bar at SALT the Bistro {1047 Pearl Street, Boulder; 303.444.7258} responded when we asked him for recommendations on a refreshing summer drink. But unlike most craft cocktail menus, choosing a drink from the Cocktail Element menu at SALT isn’t as simple as randomly choosing the menu item with the most intriguing name. It’s advertised as a “personalized cocktail invention.” SALT’s DIY cocktail menu employs a three-part ordering system created to encourage customized drinks and the exploration of new cocktail combinations. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select a spirit. Choose from high-quality and often locally made vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bourbon, or Scotch liquors.

Step 2: Select a house-infused simple syrup. Using fresh ingredients, and all made in-house, the simple syrup offerings range from commonly used simple syrups like vanilla, cucumber, mint, and lemongrass, to unique infusions like strawberry-basil, blood orange-rosemary, chipotle, and ginger.

Step 3: Select a style. Options include French 75 (sparkling wine and lemon juice), gimlet, sour (Rickey), cocktail, fizz (Collins), or an Old Fashioned. Cute images of the glassware for each option will help you identify the kind of style you’re looking for.

Taking a cue from the talented cocktail chemist behind the bar on our trip, we opted for a sangría-style drink made with vodka and strawberry-basil house-infused simple syrup. Not only was the color and presentation of the drink visually stunning, but you better believe it was delicious and downright thirst-quenching on a hot Colorado day.

Find out more SALT’s cocktail program here:

By Tyra Sutak | Contributing Writer