The morning mountain air is cool and calm, and smells like incoming snow over the horizon. I emerge from my cozy cocoon of a sleeping bag and breathe in deeply for a moment—enjoying the crisp, fresh air that can only be found in the deep folds of nature. I take my time waking, and the sun does, too. But eventually we rise—the sun crawling up over the rolling Utah mountainside—and me tiptoeing through the pristine landscape, exploring the hidden gems unveiled by the soft hues of the morning light. Through veils of pale blues and pinks I wander, eventually pausing on the shore of a quiet mountain lake—its waters gently waving under the sun’s increasing light. Until suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the curious sun finally summits the local mountain range’s tallest peak—taking a moment to reflect on the new day before dutifully illuminating the rest of the valley below.


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