5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Piece, Love and Chocolate

By Tyra Sutak


For Sarah Amorese and her team at Boulder’s premier chocolate shop—Piece, Love & Chocolate, every day is like Valentine’s Day.

“Love is in our name,” says Amorese. “It’s what we’re about.”

The staff at PL&C stay busy year-round creating tasty desserts decorated in hues of pink and red, crafted in the shape of hearts. But when February rolls around, love isn’t just in the air — it’s covering every inch of this chocolate shop.

Sparkly hearts and dainty Valentine’s Day-themed decorations dangle from the ceiling, the counter, and the walls. The display case is packed to the brim with items ready to be delicately packed into heart-shaped boxes, tied up neatly with beautiful bows, and sent out to the Valentines of the world. The twirling cake display glistens with ganache and a rainbow of petite pastries tempt wandering eyes.

And while the shop is buzzing with customers everyday of the week, Piece, Love & Chocolate’s front door doesn’t get any rest on Valentine’s Day—which is why they’re extending store hours on February 13th and 14th, open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. PL&C is also offering convenient online shopping and delivery within Boulder city limits. But if Chef Amorese can give any piece of advice when it comes to shopping for your Valentine, it would be: don’t wait until the last minute!

Truffles keep for up to a month…I’m looking at you, guys.

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas from Piece, Love & Chocolate

Colorado Spirits Truffle Collection
For your boozy Valentine. This truffle collection features 15 truffles made with boozy offerings from local wineries, craft breweries, and distilleries.

1/2 Dozen Chocolate Roses

Skip the red roses this Valentine’s Day, and get your loved one a beautiful and decadent bouquet of chocolate roses instead. No water needed.

Truffle Heart Box

Why play chocolate roulette when you can stack the box of chocolates with all of your, ahem, your Valentine’s favorites? Piece, Love & Chocolate has over 50 different truffles to choose from and a variety of packing options from heart-shaped boxes that hold 4 truffles, up to heart-shaped boxes that hold 26 truffles.

Chocolate Box of Chocolate

For the environmentally-friendly Valentine. Why package beautiful treats in cardboard boxes when you can package them in a heart-shaped box made out of chocolate?

Gift Baskets

Can’t decide which treats to get your Valentine? Why not just get them all? Piece, Love & Chocolate has a variety of pre-made gift baskets including gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options.

Visit Piece, Love & Chocolate for a complete list of dessert offerings.

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