According to archeological findings, the practice of yoga is a least 5,000 years old. It wasn’t until the late 1940’s that the bulk of Americans truly realized how nimble their body’s really were, and how many positive benefits were associated with this particular exercise.

And long before Trappist monks popularized Belgian-style beers, modern-day chemical tests confirmed that fragments of a jar, also dating back 5,000 years, were coated with beerstone— a by-product of the brewing process.

For thousands of years, yoga and beer have been evolving and gaining individual popularity, but today, yoga and beer are not only the ‘it’ thing to do in Boulder— they’re the ‘it’ thing to do together.

In Boulder, Colorado, Sanitas Brewing Co. is the place to go for yogis that double as craft beer lovers. On the verge of celebrating their second anniversary— the folks at Sanitas host yoga classes at their digs every Tuesday night and every third Sunday of the month.

If you catch a brewhouse yoga class on a Tuesday night, expect to learn the ropes from the talented Jenna Bee of Bee Yoga. Also expect to pay $15 which includes payment for the class as well as a refreshing post-class Sanitas brew. Classes are held from 6-7 p.m.

If weekend yoga classes are more your style, expect to sweat out those Saturday night toxins with the rad peeps from Outlaw Yoga at 10:30 a.m. every third Sunday of the month. Tattoos and motorcycles aren’t exactly things that come to mind when you think of yogis, but the Outlaw folks bring their dedicated crew of repeat followers each class. Outlaw Yoga classes at Sanitas are free— the post-class beer, is not.

When you think about it, it just makes sense. Boulderite’s are notorious for leading demanding physical lives in order to enjoy a slice or two of cheesy, authentic goodness from Pizzeria Locale, and a pint of hoppy, malty heaven from one of the area’s 40+ craft breweries. On average, yogi’s burn at least 300 calories per class. To put it in perspective, one Sanitas Saison will run you around 150 calories. You do the math.  Carve out time for at least two rewarding beers after your yoga class. It really is all about balance.

Routine yogis can also expect to see an improvement in digestion, a boost in energy, and the experience of deep relaxation— all benefits that will also improve the craft beer-drinking process.

Check out Sanitas Brewing Co.’s events calendar for more info on classes in the brewhouse.