Stout Month Is Coming… Are You Ready?



People in the craft beer industry will celebrate just about anything. Every August—Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts all over the country are saturated with photos of people enjoying their favorite IPAs in celebration of National India Pale Ale Day.

Hashtag: #IPAday. Hashtag: #Hops. Hashtag: #Craftbeer.

Just this past weekend, beer fans raised a glass, err…can, and gave three cheers for Beer Can Appreciation Day. Recycling bins everywhere paid the price.

But when the month of February rolls around, things really get off the rails. Instead of “Stout Day”, craft beer aficionados celebrate Stout Month, and there isn’t a brewery in Boulder that celebrates harder than the folks at Mountain Sun. The countdown to Stout Month for these folks is like the countdown to Christmas for tiny little children all over the world. If you’ve driven past a Mountain Sun location recently, you’ve probably noticed the Stout Month countdown painted in the front windows—updated daily, of course. And if you’ve visited their website in the last month, you were definitely greeted by a “Days Until Stout Month”calendar countdown complete with a pretty adorable pint glass expressing it’s love for the holiday. Every Mountain Sun location is in the spirit, and the season to celebrate dark, malty, and roasty handcrafted brews is almost here.

The list of rotating stouts, imperial stouts, barrel-aged stouts, and guest stouts that will be tapped at each Mountain Sun location during Stout Month is so long, I lost count. Mixed in with the month-long stout domination of Mountain Sun taps, is a special collaboration beer brewed up with the folks at Odell Brewing Co. The beer, a coffee-flavored Imperial Belgian Stout called Mutual Respect, will be tapped for the first time at the Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery location in downtown Boulder on February 19th at 4 p.m. The same location will be releasing a special stout every Tuesday in the month of February at 11 a.m. And the Southern Sun is celebrating Stout Month by hosting a “Meet the Brewer”event from 6-8 p.m. every Friday throughout the month to give stout fans the opportunity to mix, mingle, tour the brewery, and sample stouts with the brewers. (Visit for a full list of Mountain Sun’s Stout Month events and special tappings.)

And Mountain Sun isn’t the only brewery gearing up for Stout Month.

Here are 5 Local Stouts You Should Try This Stout Month

Sanitas Brewing Co.

Cinnilla Stout Spiced Stout

A smooth, dark stout aged on organic cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. Roasty malt undertones reminiscent of baker’s chocolate melt into spice notes of warm snickerdoodle cookies.

Wild Woods Brewery 

Smores Stout

A dark and smooth sweet stout brewed with roasted barley, biscuit and chocolate malts, complex sugar, and aged on rich cacao nibs.  Inspired by the many smores consumed as kids during family camping trips.

Upslope Brewing Co.

Foreign Style Stout

Full bodied, black, roasted, and exceptionally smooth. First anniversary beer and Upslope’s first limited can release. Finishes neither sweet nor dry, it is wonderfully balanced, making it perfect for stout lovers and stout newbies.

Twisted Pine Brewing Co.

Big Shot Espresso Stout

Rich and expressive stout that flaunts the invigorating aroma of a freshly-pressed cup of coffee. Emboldened with Peruvian beans, blind-roasted by local legend The Unseen Bean, Big Shot is just as suitable for an after-dinner drink as it is for a brewer’s breakfast.

Avery Brewing Co.

Out of Bounds Stout

This big, roasty stout takes flavor to the extreme, using plenty of rich roasted barley and a mountain of hops that give this full-bodied stout that little extra something you’ve been looking for in a beer.