Being Scared is the Easy Part

It’s so easy to be sacred. For the past year, I’ve been scared of just about everything. I was scared to leave my twenties behind. I was scared to a leave a stable job with stable job friends— and health insurance. I was terrified to start my own business and take on the challenge of finding a way to keep a roof over my head and food in my mouth. I’m scared that my writing and words aren’t good enough. I was scared to be alone on trails that I had been hiking for years. Fear is natural, and it’s really easy to succumb to.


Before heading out on a week-long solo road trip through the rugged mountains of Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado, I faced one of my biggest fears head-on. I stood silently and begged my pounding heart not to give me away as I watched a black bear ramble out of the bushes about thirty feet from where I stood. He was beautiful. And even though we stared quietly at each other for what felt like an eternity, one of my biggest fears eventually turned around and slowly re-entered the same bushes he’s emerged from. That moment was a moment that I needed, and I’ve been facing my fears ever since. 

Deep in the heart of the Flaming Gorge in Utah today, I saddled up and climbed on top of a horse named Beacon. It’s not Beacon’s fault that I’ve had terrifying experience with horses in the past. But today, it was his job to carry me and my fears around the rim of one of the most beautiful gorges that I’ve ever seen in my life. As we reached an overlook high atop of the turquoise blue waters below, I could feel my fears dropping— down, down, along the fiery red cliffs to the very bottom of the river below. 

Tomorrow I’m headed to Bear Lake, Idaho, where I plan on riding my bike 50 miles around the lake, tossing fears, and leaving worries in the surrounding green forests. Later on, I’ll post up in cozy camp spot for the night, and spend my evening watching a fire toss flames towards a star-covered night sky above. 

It’s really easy to be scared. But sometimes, when you least expect it, it’s really east to be brave, too.