The Road Less Traveled...        


Tyra Sutak is a Colorado-based freelance writer, photographer and editor sharing stories and images about her favorite things: travel, food, the outdoors, people, and craft beer.

Her work has been published in the Daily Camera, 5280 Magazine, BeerAdvocate Magazine, The Full Pint,  303 Magazine, ShermansTravel,, DiningOut Magazine, Elevation Outdoors Magazine, the Colorado Daily, All About Beer Magazine, Gear Junkie and more.

THANK YOU for stopping by! Tyra Sutak Ink & Images was born in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado where I can still be found cruising the local trails and sipping wild ales and perfect pilsners at local brewpubs. As a freelance writer, I tell stories about the environment, travel, adventures — both culinary and outdoor driven — and the always-changing world we live in. As a photographer, I live for that moment when everything comes together in a one perfect image that captures a beautiful smile, a delicious dish, or the vast natural beauty found in different corners of the globe. I bring a 10-year restaurant and brewery marketing background into every food and beverage photoshoot I do, and would be happy to help you dream up and create exciting professional photos that showcase the spirit of your business, your family, and your love for what you do and those around you.